Get away. Leave the laptop at home, turn off the cell phone, close Twitter and fast from Facebook so you can relax, unwind and recharge. Does that sound great to you? Sounds horrible to me.

I’m an extravert. The idea of being unplugged does not make me feel relaxed; it freaks me out.

Chill with Cardinal baseball. Catch up with my friends on Twitter and Facebook. Play Solitaire. Work crossword puzzles. Browse through family photos on Flickr and videos on YouTube. Surf the Web and read mindless articles about stupid celebrities. Watch episodes of House on Hulu. I’m a geek — this is how I relax; the only difference between me and a non-geek is the power cord.

I’m comfortable in geek world. I unwind with geek tools. I like pixels. When I disconnect, I do so in short bursts, a few hours at a time rather than days.

I’m sure some would take me to task for my technology addiction. Probably some of the same people who ignore their family while they watch a sporting event, or bury their heads in a book while their kids beg for attention. Or hunt, fish or play golf. I don’t ignore my family, neglect friendships or responsibilities and I’m pretty much always tuned into the people and conversation around me.

Technology, books, sports, hunting, fishing, golf and other pastimes are value-neutral. It’s how we use them that makes them assets or liabilities in our daily lives.

Yeah, I’m addicted. If you’re planning an intervention you can call, text, tweet, email, comment on this blog or send me a Facebook message.

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