Do I Need to Blog? Yes. Here's Why.

I get this question often from clients who don’t think they have the time to write original content: Do I need to blog? My answer is nearly always the same: Yes. Yes, and yes.

Why is Blogging So Important?

do i need to blog

  1. Google. I’m really talking about all search engines here, but for practical purposes, Google. According to Statista, Google hovers around the 90 percent mark for market share worldwide, so I think it’s reasonable to keep our primary focus there. Google uses software called spiders to crawl the web looking for pages via links. It follows the links to find pages to save and index. It keeps these pages — cached pages — and has them ready should a search ask for their content. The best way to keep Google spiders interested in your site and indexing new pages is to continually add new content. The best way to do this is — you guessed it — a blog. Add new content regularly and you’ll attract more attention from Google’s spiders.
  2. Readers. A simple site with static pages can be useful for those who have specific interest in your company or product. If a reader is interested in buying, and only needs information about services or products, they’ll get what they need. But will they come back? Have you given them a reason to return? If nothing changes, there is no enticement to revisit your site, and if there is no content that invites engagement — sharing, commenting — interest will soon wane. Keep posting fresh content and your potential customers will come back over and over because you’re providing value on a regular basis.
  3. Thought Leadership. You have the opportunity to become a leader in your industry or field. Make yourself the go-to place to learn more or to find helpful content and customers will love you and seek you out. You’ll get quoted as a resource and your content will be shared, which exposes you to a larger audience.If you’re respected as a leader, you can reasonably expect more business and a higher online profile.

I hope you’re sufficiently convinced that a blog can help you gain search engine traction, enlarge and engage your audience and build industry thought leadership. I hope you’ll ask yourself, “Do I need to blog?” and answer, “Yes!”

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