Display Ads: 3 Quick Copywriting Tips


The other day I was stopped at an intersection behind this truck, with nothing to look at except a plate of yummy Memphis barbecue. I realized that this bit of display advertising and copywriting is an excellent example of how to do it right.

  1. The message at the top is simple and in type large enough to read easily. Including the phone number is smart, as it’s generally easier to type a phone number while you’re on the road than a URL. And that’s a great phone number, with the repetitive digits.
  2. The photo is large and dominates the ad; placing the logo over the top of the food means it’s bound to draw your eye.
  3. Finally, the benefit. Less work, more profit. Simple and to the point. No hype about great food or prices; it focuses on what’s in it for the customer.

Well done, Corky’s. Now I’m hungry.

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