clockRecently I discovered one of my new favorite Twitter tools, Timely, from Flowtown (@flowtown). I manage four Twitter accounts, and for some of them, the ability to schedule tweets is crucial. I’ve used Hootsuite for a long time, but always found the interface clunky and cumbersome.

Timely’s interface is clean and simple to use. Start with the Create a Timely bookmark button. Drag the button to your toolbar, then if you’re on a page and you see something interesting you’d like to share, the button automatically puts the link into a tweet.

Select the avatar to choose which account to send it from on the fly.

You can send the tweet within 30 minutes or save it for later and let Timely schedule it. Timely analyzes your tweets for the times of day that you get the most engagement from your followers and adapts to the response. The performance tab gives you analytics on each tweet, so you can shape your content as you see what gets the best response.



Entering tweets into the interface is dead simple and URL shortening ( & is automatic as you type. It’s fast and easy to add a group of tweets and you can look at the queue to see when they will be sent. You’ll get an email when your queue is empty.

timely-settingsYou can set whether or not to schedule tweets on weekends for each account, invite a collaborator and set the number of tweets per day. One shortcoming is the inability to use a separate URL shortening account for each Twitter account, but Timely’s analytics make this much less an issue.

It’s free, but you can upgrade to a pro account for $199/year or $19.99/month and integrate with Facebook and LinkedIn, export analytics, get content suggestions by category, email to tweet, real-time notifications and RSS feeds.

Check out Timely; I have no commercial relationship with them, except that I love the service. I’m still using the free account but may upgrade soon.

Disclaimer: Though I schedule informational tweets for each account I manage, I’m strongly against complete automation of any social networking account. It’s important to stay engaged; I’m constantly reading tweets and monitoring all accounts.

Have you used Timely? What do you think?

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