Cool Apps: On the Job — Time Tracking and Billing for Financial Idiots

Cool Apps: On the Job — Time Tracking and Billing for Financial Idiots

As a freelancer, I’ve been struggling with time tracking and invoice management for some time. I’m not a bookkeeper, to be sure. For a long time I kept my my billable hours and projects in my head. Dangerous I know. Especially if you know anything about my head for numbers. I went searching for affordable solutions that don’t require a CPA to navigate. For an online service, I love Freshbooks. I used it for some time, but it offers a limited number of clients with the free version. I didn’t mind paying a one-time fee, but I wasn’t ready for a regular monthly expense. On the Job fits my needs nicely. Like most Mac apps, the interface is clean and beautiful (sorry, Windows folks, it’s Mac-only).

On the Job setup screen

No, I don’t really work for Art Garfunkel. And if I did, I wouldn’t charge him $1000/hour. But a girl can dream, right?

It has a handy timer that you click when you start work and when you stop; it saves the time and calculates the invoice amount based on the hourly rate. You can specify custom hourly rates for different tasks; helpful for me as I have a different (lower) nonprofit hourly rate. You can track time by individual task, which makes it dead simple to produce an itemized invoice. I do a mixture of hourly and project-based billing and it’s nice to track the hours even with a project rate to ensure that I’m on track with my estimates.

On the job timer

Easy time tracking

And the invoices are pretty nice; you can upload your logo and add your business information. It offers drag-and-drop customization as you add the fields you want to use and leave out the ones you don’t need. On the Job invoice customization On the Job also tracks outstanding invoices, so you keep up with money you’re owed and money you’re paid. Is On the Job for you? Not if you need the ability to track billable hours for teams; you’ll need Freshbooks or another solution for that. And you may find it too simple if you’re a CPA or a CFO. At $39.95, it’s not exactly cheap, but it’s reasonable if it fits your needs. And there’s a 30-day free trial. Trust me, I’m in no danger of being hired as a CFO or granted a CPA certificate. Like many creative types, I despise numbers. [Confession: in all my life I have never been able to reconcile a checkbook.] This app is a no-spreadsheet answer to my time tracking and billing needs that even I can manage. So if you do any sort of freelance or hourly billable work and need a way to keep up with the hours and make quick and easy invoices, try it. I get nothing from Stunt Software for writing this. I doubt they’ll ever even know (or care) that I wrote it. But I love the app and thought it might help you too. What’s your bookkeeping solution? Spreadsheets? Your head? A cocktail napkin?

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