Check In for a Good Cause

Check In for a Good Cause

Recently I’ve been playing around with a few location-based social networking services, such as Foursquare, Gowalla and Whrrl. The goal was to do a post with a comparison of each one, which I’ll still do, but for now I want to talk about something my youngest daughter turned me onto, which enables me to check in for a good cause. CauseWorld is a free location-based application, now available for iPhone (app store link) and Android.

How it Works Like the rest of the services, it’s based on check-ins at various locations. CauseWorld is a bit more limited in that you can’t check in at your home or church, only businesses and you can’t add venues. You collect Karmas for each checkin, which allow you to donate to a list of causes. If you don’t see a cause you like, you can also suggest a cause. Sponsors Citi and Kraft Foods have donated nearly $500,000.

Choose from the list of nearby stores to check in (left). Your Me page (center) shows donations you’ve made and badges you’ve earned. When you are ready to donate, you can select from the list of causes (right) or suggest your own.

It works with Facebook Connect, which allows you to post donation activity to your profile.

A recent update includes the option to donate to earthquake relief for Haiti through the Red Cross. All karmas donated to Haiti relief are doubled.

Get CauseWorld and help — the only cost is a few seconds’ time.

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