Speaking: A Complete Guide to Rocking It

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Speaking is one of my favorite parts of my job. I have almost no stage fright, in fact, I have fun in front of an audience and I try to make sure the audience does too. What I've learned is that it's important to be authentic and relaxed, to be yourself, and to care about [...]

Grammar and Punctuation: Make a Great First Impression

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  You’ve just written a business report, blog post, news article, copy for your website or marketing piece, and you’re ready to hit Publish. But wait — are you sure your copy is error free? Every word you publish under your name or the name of your business represents you. That sentence may be your potential client’s or [...]

Editing is Important — Use the Right Words

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I've always thought it would be fun to be a technical consultant on a hit TV show. Most shows have advisors of some sort; they are the physicians, attorneys, computer experts, or other professionals who teach actors to correctly pronounce long, complicated technical terms and look good doing it. In the 90s, police drama NYPD Blue employed [...]

Copywriting for Your Website — Remember the Words

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How's your website? When you think about the answer to that question, you're probably thinking about the look, the design, and the colors. But what about the words? The best-designed website is a waste of time and money if your copy doesn't tell the reader about your unique selling proposition (USP) and how it fits [...]

Display Ads: 3 Quick Copywriting Tips

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The other day I was stopped at an intersection behind this truck, with nothing to look at except a plate of yummy Memphis barbecue. I realized that this bit of display advertising and copywriting is an excellent example of how to do it right. The message at the top is simple and in type large [...]

Oops. I Messed Up. Five Reminders to Keep You from Goofing Like I Did

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What follows here is a mildly amusing not really amusing, but ironic story about messing up. Specifically about me messing up. Which I do regularly, but this time people found out about it. I'm a grammar/usage/AP Style nerd. I'm hopelessly aggravated by misplaced apostrophes and excessive capitalization. I've been known to take pictures of an [...]

Writing: Forget What Your Teacher Taught You

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Marko Saric’s excellent post, 6 Ways Your English Teacher Wrecked Your Writing reminded me of my girls’ high school days, when every piece of their (and some of their friends’) written work encountered my notorious red pen. Both of my girls are excellent writers, so the editing was mostly for flow and to catch an [...]

Nine Commonly Misused Words

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Just like other bad habits, it's easy to fall into sloppy or ill-informed patterns where words are concerned. The more we see an expression — correct or incorrect — the more it becomes burned into our brain. Here are nine words that are commonly misused. Momentarily • It doesn't mean in a moment, it means [...]

Don’t Let Your Letters Get in the Way of Your Message

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I stopped behind this van the other day at a stop sign. Even from about three feet away I could barely read the text. It appears that they do some sort of cleaning, but beyond that it's hard to say. What a wasted opportunity. Don't make these common mistakes: It's Not About You Whether it's [...]

Don’t Make These Website Mistakes

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I read a lot, look at zillions of websites and check out print pieces everywhere I go. Though I'm a laid-back person, there are some things I've been seeing a lot of lately that are like that certain sound that we all hate. Don't make these mistakes on your website. "Scare" quotes. Quotes are not for [...]