WordPress: How to Use Gutenberg

2019-04-15T21:23:35-06:00Marketing Blog, WordPress|

Gutenberg is the new WordPress text editor. It's much different than the interface WordPress users are accustomed to, but I think that's a positive change. If you've ever posted an article on LinkedIn or Medium, you've used a very similar system. My prediction is that once you get used to Gutenberg, you'll like it better [...]

Start a Blog From Scratch — An Easy Guide

2019-04-12T14:26:40-06:00Marketing Blog, WordPress|

How to Start a Blog From Scratch If you've read anything about online marketing in the past few years, you know that you need a blog. You need a blog to draw traffic to your website, to help your audience see your more personal and approachable side, and, of course, to help Google find your [...]

WordPress Photo Gallery: Create Your Own Responsive Gallery

2019-01-07T18:33:26-06:00Marketing Blog, WordPress|

Here's how to add a WordPress photo gallery for your blog or website; it's free and easy to do with WordPress' Jetpack plugin. The photo gallery Jetpack creates is clean and attractive and performs beautifully on mobile devices. It's easy to do. Here's a video that will show you exactly how to create your own gallery. https://vimeo.com/206512116 [...]

Choose a Great WordPress Theme: Presentation for WordPress Memphis

2019-01-07T18:33:59-06:00Marketing Blog, WordPress|

This presentation was for the WordPress Memphis meetup group, which I founded in September 2011. The group is near and dear to my heart, and it's an honor to be asked to come back and talk about WordPress. I based this presentation on this post about choosing the best theme; it's not always an easy [...]

How to Create a WordPress Post: Video

2019-01-07T18:36:03-06:00Marketing Blog, WordPress|

This video shows you step by step how to create a WordPress post. In the course of my WordPress web design work, I spend a lot of time doing orientation and WordPress training for my clients. I always want to leave them feeling confident about owning their website — editing and adding content, adding images, [...]

The Top 10 WordPress Questions My Clients Ask

2019-01-07T18:36:57-06:00Marketing Blog, WordPress|

I work with WordPress a lot. I design and build websites for clients and coach them on how to edit and add content to their sites. As I work with users of many different levels of experience, I take note of their WordPress questions, as it's hard for me to see it from a beginner's perspective. [...]

Cool WordPress Plugin: Widget Clone

2019-01-07T18:39:23-06:00Marketing Blog, WordPress|

I love a cool WordPress plugin. This one solves a small but annoying issue with widgets. Now that most modern WordPress themes allow for multiple sidebars, it's a pain to have to rebuild the widgets. This plugin adds a simple link to clone the widget and place the duplicate widget in another widget area.   [...]

Five Reasons WordPress Rocks

2019-04-12T21:59:18-06:00Marketing Blog, WordPress|

I'm excited about our new WordPress study group that launches later this week. My good friend Dave Barger at LunaWeb has graciously offered the venue and we have 11 interested folks who have RSVP'd, along with a few maybes. So ... why WordPress? I've been using WordPress since about 2006, when I first began to [...]