Are You Up in the Air with Social Media?

Are You Up in the Air with Social Media?

Learn about social mediaI’m on Facebook and LinkedIn, but don’t really do much with either. I set up a Twitter account, but really just don’t get the point. Flickr, Posterous, Delicious, YouTube, Vimeo … how do I keep up?

Sound familiar? Does it all make you a wee bit jumpy?

It may be a trend, but it’s not a fad. If you’re not already in the mix, it’s time to jump in and figure it out.

Kerry Crawford-Trisler, me and Blake Palmer during a panel discussion at the first SocialCamp Memphis in March of this year

Whether you are just getting your feet wet, treading water or in over your head, SocialCamp Memphis can help you find your way. This Saturday, September 19, we’ll explore topics such as marketing, transparency online, social media for education and business, blogging and how not to annoy and alienate your audience.

The atmosphere is casual and laid-back; wear your jeans and comfortable shoes. There are sessions for newbies and veterans alike — here’s a list of topics for the morning sessions.

In addition to informative presentations on relevant topics, you’ll enjoy the networking opportunities as you meet people of diverse backgrounds drawn together by common interests. The only constant in social media is the constant change, so you’ll leave knowing you are up on the latest developments and innovations.

Whether you’re new to social media or a seasoned veteran (if there is such a thing), you’ll find something to catch your interest and I’m willing to bet you’ll come away with at least one new contact.

Go ahead … jump!
Register here.

Hosted by LunaWeb and Launch Memphis.


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