AP Stylebook, I Love Ya, But I Think You Blew This Call

AP Stylebook, I Love Ya, But I Think You Blew This Call

I’m a absolute nut for consistency in style and grammar; I know the AP Stylebook pretty well and subscribe to the online version (well worth the $25/year or so).

But I disagree with them here and think they have goofed. The other day, in anticipation of the World Series, they tweeted this:

What? It makes me wonder if they think the team name is The St. Louis Cardinal. As in only one Cardinal. That’s how it would have to be to make that correct.

I emailed them, tweeted this and @ replied them:

So far, I haven’t heard back. Maybe they are mad.

But they redeemed themselves here. There is no apostrophe in RBIs.

By the way, have I mentioned that the Cardinals are playing in the World Series? Which begins tonight?

What’s your biggest style/grammar pet peeve?

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