What I Do

Social Media Coaching: I’ll help you:

  • Discern which social networking sites will provide value
  • Set up and customize profiles for consistency with the look of your other media
  • Learn best practices for interaction on social sites and establish a realistic posting strategy
  • Establish appropriate policies for staff participation
  • Learn the technical aspects of social networking


Lack of financial resources to staff a communications department does not mean you cannot take advantage of modern media as an outreach tool. I’m available for short-term projects, such as websites, print materials or annual reports, as well as regular services such as writing, editing, newsletters, (print or electronic).


Does your website need an update? Service times and office hours are not enough. It’s is the first impression your audience sees and serves as the hub of your online presence. I’ll work with you to develop a fresh, modern site with content you can update regularly.


Websites that include blogs get 55 percent more traffic. I’ll teach you how to set up your blog and help you determine what content will interest your reader and enhance your online presence.


Nothing kills your credibility as an expert in your field faster than the wrong its/it’s, or a misused word or phrase. I’m well-versed in the AP Stylebook, the essential guide for journalists, marketing copywriters and bloggers. Keep your copy consistent and professional to establish thought leadership. Get editing help.


Need a speaker for an event? Training for:

  • Parents: how to keep up with the kids’ grasp on technology
  • Church, nonprofit or business leaders, staff and/or volunteers: understanding new media and how to use them effectively
  • Your community: provide valuable resources in the form of classes and seminars on various technology-related topics

Contact me for more information about social media consulting, speaking, starting a blog or contract work.

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