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My first tweet on June 12, 2007

My first tweet on June 12, 2007

A couple of years ago I opened a Twitter account. There were not that many people on Twitter at the time. i updated a couple of times, then quickly lost interest and decided it was a waste of time. After all, who really cares what I had for lunch, what’s on my iTunes playlist or if I’m at the Apple store?

Over the past two years, my Twitter use has evolved and I’ve realized it’s so much more than silly updates on my daily activities. Through Twitter, I became involved in BarCamp Memphis last October, Social Media Expedition and SocialCamp Memphis (coming March 6 – 7), not to mention numerous great social events.

I’ve met some amazing people whose paths I’d have never crossed were it not for Twitter. People I can sit down with to enjoy a glass of wine and geek out over the latest iPhone application; who help me when I get stuck on some stupid CSS problem that should have been obvious and who don’t think I’m weird when my knees go weak over the latest MacPro.

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10 things I’ve done with Twitter:

  1. Asked a technical question — and had it answered within a matter of minutes
  2. Promoted a business or cause
  3. Helped raise money for charity
  4. Gotten recommendations on restaurants, software, computers and scores of other things
  5. Learned about breaking news stories before CNN
  6. Kept up with the progress of dangerous weather when my power was out
  7. Commiserated about my crappy day
  8. Shared photos of my kids, my dogs, the snow in my back yard, my dinner and my finger after I sliced it open with my chef’s knife
  9. Asked my husband to bring home dinner when I was too exhausted to cook.
  10. Posted silly updates on my daily activities

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