TechCamp MemphisI love a good geek conference. Call it an unconference, a WordCamp, BarCamp, MobileCamp, SocialCamp … it’s a gathering of folks who want to talk and learn about technology and it puts me in a state of giddy, geeky glee.

This is why I’m so excited about TechCamp Memphis, which is coming up on May 12. It’s a little like BarCamp, but renamed so we can stop explaining that, no, it’s not in a bar and it’s not about drinking.

The topics are all about technology, online marketing and networking, social media and there’s a developer track with some acronyms I wish I understood for the ubergeek.

The sessions are always awesome, but a lot of the real goodness is in the networking. The people are friendly and will not judge you for what you don’t know; everyone is there to help you learn. Lunch is provided, along with snacks throughout the day and there’s usually some donuts or something yummy in the morning.

TechCamp is designed to be neither intimidating for the non-technically-inclined, nor too elementary for the seasoned coder. We’re planning three tracks with sessions for those just getting started and for seasoned pros.

TechCamp is for you if:

    • You’re a newcomer to all things tech and want to learn more about:
      • Social media
      • Blogging
      • Online marketing
      • Online best practices
      • Content creation


  • You eat, sleep and breathe code and want info about:
    • Online security
    • Mobile payments
    • PHP
    • SQL injection (sounds painful)
    • .Net

Register before April 30 and you get the early bird rate of only $15. And I have discount codes that make it even less, so hit me up here & I’ll hook you up.

Questions? Want to present? Head on over to the TechCamp website.

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