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9 Mistakes That Can Tank You on Social Media

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How to Store Files in the Cloud With Dropbox

I use Dropbox every day for storing files, and for sharing them with others. Sometimes it's just too big to send via email. I also love having my files with me everywhere I go. The app is free for desktop, phone and tablet. Dropbox gives you free storage, so if you...

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Organize Recipes with Paprika

When I'm not working, I love to cook and collect recipes on the Internet. Since I've got more than 2500 recipes, they have to be organized. This is why I love Paprika. It's easy to collect and organize recipes, and ridiculously easy to import them from recipe...

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Google is Rude. Don’t Be Like Google.

Recently I decided to try to monetize my YouTube channel. While I'm working on building it up, my YouTube channel is still very small, but something is better than nothing, right? For some reason, my AdSense account (which is necessary to monetize YouTube) had been...

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How to Create a WordPress Post: Video

This video shows you step by step how to create a WordPress post. In the course of my WordPress web design work, I spend a lot of time doing orientation and WordPress training for my clients. I always want to leave them feeling confident about owning their website —...

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The Top 10 WordPress Questions My Clients Ask

I work with WordPress a lot. I design and build websites for clients and coach them on how to edit and add content to their sites. As I work with users of many different levels of experience, I take note of their WordPress questions, as it's hard for me to see it from...

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